Tips for Restaurant Design and Construction

Tips for Restaurant Design and Construction

When it comes to restaurants, there are lots to choose from in the DC Metro Area. This is why you’ll have to make a great first impression on your customers as soon as they walk through the doors to keep them coming back as regulars. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through restaurant design.

As you can imagine, customers appreciate a visually appealing, clean, and updated restaurant more than an outdated and aging one. But every restaurant is unique, and so every restaurant design should be unique. How do you know which restaurant design is right for you? Here are some tips and ideas!

Think About the Floor Plan

The floor plan is the overall design of the restaurant, including all tables, bars, and other offerings. When it comes to restaurant design, placement is key. These are some tips about floor plans:

  • Space is very important. You do not want the customers to be overwhelmed by cramming in as many tables and chairs as possible. There should be enough distance to allow for them to feel comfortable, usually around six steps of space.
  • Another element to consider for your restaurant design is the entryway or exterior facade. This is usually the very first part of the restaurant the customer will see, even before viewing the interior. Having something that is eye-catching but not visually overwhelming typically works best for this part of the restaurant.

Consider the Service Time Goal

An extremely important question to ask for your restaurant design is: How fast do your customers receive their food?

  • If you are a fast-casual restaurant that usually allows customers some time to receive their food but encourages eating inside the restaurant, there should be a natural progression from each stage the restaurant offers, such as from ordering to receiving, to sitting down at a table or carrying out.
  • A full-service restaurant design that should emphasize comfort and visual appeal since customers will be staying seated for much longer.

The Kitchen is Important to Restaurant Design Too!

Around 30-40% of your allotted restaurant space will be given to kitchen and employee-only areas. Although the visual appeal is not as important in these “backstage” areas, restaurant design is still extremely relevant:

  • You will want to have a kitchen that conserves space as much as possible.
  • The kitchen should allow employees adequate room to move around for better efficiency.


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