Has the Time Come for a Commercial Remodel? What to Look Out for by Type of Property

Has the Time Come for a Commercial Remodel? What to Look Out for by Type of Property

Are you considering a commercial remodel, but are not sure whether or not the time is right? Often, the signs that a remodel is needed can be obvious or subtle. As a commercial property owner, you can keep your eye out for the warning signs by inspecting your property regularly and getting feedback from clients and employees, among other things. The signs that it’s time for a commercial remodel can vary depending on the type of commercial property.

Corporate & Offices

Office buildings show wear and tear with use. Carpeting can become worn, and HVAC systems can get old and finicky. Over time, offices can also become cluttered or cramped as companies grow. Often, the desire to remodel comes as much from changes within the company as from the need to make repairs. Signs to watch for can include:

  • Carpeting and countertops are worn;
  • Workers are out of space, crowding is a problem;
  • Fixtures break frequently;
  • Wall paint colors are dated, walls are scuffed;
  • Space is disorganized, documents are often lost.


Proper layout in restaurants is critical to ensure that staff can move freely from one place to another, and that customers are comfortable and happy. Restaurants can become hot and muggy if the exhaust or HVAC system is in poor condition. Keeping appliances and fixtures up-to-date is critical for ensuring that cooking procedures continue to be efficient and restrooms are kept clean. Signs that a restaurant needs a remodel can include:

  • Dining room furniture looks shabby;
  • Staff is functioning inefficiently;
  • The restaurant is newly purchased and the brand moving forward will be different;
  • The kitchen fixtures are inefficient;
  • Kitchen is humid and warm, temperature in dining room is not consistent;
  • Kitchen fixtures and appliances break down frequently;
  • Bathrooms are in poor condition.


Maintaining appearances is very important for retail structures. Retail stores need to look and feel their best, to ensure that customers can be comfortable while shopping. Remodeling to make cosmetic improvements is a common project for retail locations. Signs to watch for can include:

  • The store isn’t large enough for the amount of merchandise;
  • Dressing area looks shabby;
  • Flooring needs to be more durable;
  • Bathroom fixtures break down regularly, are hard to keep sanitary.

Manufacturing / Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial sites are generally tailored to the tenant that occupies the space. When one tenant leaves, the space may need to be remodeled to fit the needs of the new tenant. In addition, manufacturing sites need constant repair because they’re in regular use by workers. Below are the signs that it’s time to hire an industrial building contractor:

  • A new tenant from a different industry will soon be moving in;
  • Mechanical fixtures need repair;
  • Equipment is inefficient or does not meet industry standards’
  • Production can’t keep up with demand;
  • Facilities release a lot of pollution.

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