What are the Current Trends in Medical Office Design-Build?

What are the Current Trends in Medical Office Design-Build?

Patients are becoming more discerning when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider.  Amenities for patients such as spa-like waiting rooms, private accommodations, upscale interior design, and cutting-edge technology have become more common, as these things help increase patients’ well-being by reducing stress.

Considering a medical or dental office remodel or new build? A smart first step is to ensure that the practice has a clear vision about what it wants and needs from a new space. Next, the team, owner, or project manager will decide on the physical layout, color palettes, selecting furniture, budget, etc. It is important to design to make the environment feel clean, safe, and healing. Here is some inspiration for using design to help patients, staff, and other visitors have a positive experience in a medical office:

  • Make a Great First Impression: The waiting area is the first chance to make a good impression– as soon as visitors walk in they will take in the ambiance and form an opinion about the brand.
  • Improve Patient Flow and Staff Efficiency: Multiple waiting rooms, consultation rooms, and dedicated registration rooms could be good solutions that will improve patient flow and may make visitors feel like they are moving through the office in a timely manner.
  • Privacy Protection: Design should promote privacy or social interaction, depending on the area. Private rooms with noise-dampening design features and materials such as luxury vinyl floors and soundproofed ceiling tiles can make a big difference. Additionally, design should always take into account HIPAA privacy concerns and protect patient information.
  • Comfort: Exam rooms are trending larger to accommodate more people. Indirect natural lighting and biophilic elements are great ways to reduce stress/anxiety and contribute a soft, comfortable feeling. It’s critical for staff to have a well-designed area to take a break and relax in, as well.
  • Sustainability: Making medical office buildings more “green” and sustainable is a trend, with requirements for new items from bike lockers, showers, and electric-vehicle charging stations to super-efficient HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption.
  • Lay the Groundwork for the Future: Another consideration is to plan for growth. Many practices base their build out on their future potential, and this is a wise approach. Also, don’t forget to factor in equipment requirements when determining the office layout, ensuring that there is proper space and clearance for each element.

Every healthcare practice wants to make the best decisions, not ones that are simply popular at the time. The best way to decide how to incorporate the above ideas into your own medical clinic design is to work with our space planning experts at Clay Construction.

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