Things to Think About When Considering an Office Remodel

Things to Think About When Considering an Office Remodel

Most business owners and employees know that the space a business occupies can be crucial to its success and image. Not only can the appearance of your office leave a positive or negative lasting impression, but the comfort of your employees and flow of your business can make a huge difference in productivity! These and other factors are important considerations in an office renovation or remodel.

Before you embark on an office remodel, there are a few other important things you should consider:

What Is The Goal Of The Remodel?

As a company grows, the space it occupies should grow and evolve as well. This could require looking for new office space or it could be a reconfiguration of the current space you have.

  • Think about what you are trying to achieve with the remodel. If you’re hoping to make it more comfortable and give the office a good flow, this will have a different focus than if you want a more corporate environment.
  • Consider how long you see yourself occupying the space – short term will have a particular goal for your remodel while long term will impact things very differently.
  • Think about whether the changes you need are for your staff or to accommodate current and future clients. Knowing this will help determine the direction of your office remodel

Identify the Reasons for the Renovations

To maximize your budget and allocate the right funds to the right places, you need to know which areas are priorities in your office. Are you looking at just a quick paint refresh, updated carpeting, and some new furniture? Or do you need to break down walls and move offices, increase your facilities, or invest in a technology upgrade? It is important to have some idea of the answers to these questions by the time you meet your contractor so that everyone is aware of the budgetary and practical needs for each area.

Determining Your Needs and Not Wants

We would all love to have individual offices for each staff member and $1000 office chairs, but realistically this is not an option. You need to separate your needs from your wants and desires. If you are struggling with a bad office layout and bad work flow then that is a priority over a new coffee nook. You need to understand the dynamics of your business and what renovations will give you long term success… not what might be a quick fix or a cool thing to have!

Budget for the Project

Rather than budgeting perfectly to the last dollar, make sure you have some wiggle room by over budgeting. This will help you tackle unforeseen expenses. There are always hidden costs that come out of the woodwork when you least expect them, so make sure you have this worked into your budget.

Create a Realistic Timeline.

Make sure that your remodel plans take place in a lull period for your company. Renovations are stressful and very disruptive, so you likely don’t want to be doing them during your busy season. You will need to look at your work schedule and plan according to your seasonal business fluctuations. You also need to take into account large project timelines to ensure that you have enough time before or after a project to complete the renovations.

With any large project, planning is the key to being successful. Be sure to ask the right questions and find the best contractor to fit your needs.

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